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Chef's Suggestions

( With White Rice )



Happy Family

    Jumbo Shrimp,Beef, Roast Pork, Chicken, Crab Meat Mushrooms,Snow Peas, Celery, Broccoli And Chef¡¯S Special Sauce  
K2   Seafood Delight 13.75

Jumbo Shrimp, Scallops,Lobster Crab Meat Sauteed Broccoli, Mushrooms,Snow Peas,Baby Corn In House Special White Wine Sauce


Dragon Meet Phoenix

    Shrimp And Chicken Sauteed With Chinese Vegetable In White Sauce.  
K4 *

Hunan Phoenix

    Chicken And Beef With Our Chef Spicy, Hot Sauce, Sauteed Vegetable Hunan Style  
K5   Mongolian Beef & Chicken 9.75  
K6   Black Pepper Chicken & Beef 9.75  
K7 *

General Tso¡¯s Chicken

    Chunk Chicken Lightly Fried With Broccoli. This Dish Was Created By A Private Chef Of General Tso Who Was A Famous General In Szechuan Army.  

Scallops w. Garlic Sauce

K9   Four Season 10.25  
    Shrimp, Roast Pork, Chicken & Beef W. Snow Peas, Bamboo Shoots,Mushroom,Baby Corn Sauteed In Brown Sauce    
K10   Scallop And Beef 12.95  
    Scallops And Beef Sauteed W. Mixed Vegs. In Kung Po Sauce.    
K11 * Hunan Triple Crown 9.95  

Roast Pork, Chicken & Beef W. Mixed Vegs, In Hunan Sauce.

K12   Triple Delight 9.95  

Shrimp,Beef Chicken W. Mixed Vegetables In Brown Sauce

K13 * Golden Three Delicacies 9.95  
    Pawns, Slice Chicken, And Roast Pork Sauteed With Garlic Sauce    
K14   Beef W. Orange Flavor 10.95  
K15   Sesame Beef 10.95  



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